Innocent Reflection – How to Raise Good Kids

raise good kids

Raising good kids is tough in today’s world. Our world is so full of opinions that the facts can easily be shadowed, leaving us guessing at this motherhood thing and what it takes to raise good kids. defines the following as..
Innocent – free from moral wrong; not corrupted
Reflection – a thing that is a consequence of or arises from something else

My kids love when I cook breakfast on the weekends. Eggs and jelly topped toast is a frequent request.
One morning as I watched the chaos before me settle into quiet sticky smiles, I asked Kash “Is it good?”
He responded with a mouth full and nod. I joined him at the table and began eating. Caught by surprise I hear “Is yours good, mama?” I chuckled and responded in a similar way. I thought to myself how cute it was that he was acting so grown. As I started to sip on my coffee, I noticed he was mimicking every move I made. Sip of coffee for me, sip of juice for Kash. Bite of eggs for me, bite of eggs for Kash. I reached for a tissue and what would you guess? Yep, Kash ‘needed’ one too. It’s funny how God has His way of opening our eyes. Something as simple as eating breakfast made me realize how my child absorbs every action and every word of mine. Without conscience, he is an innocent reflection of what surrounds him. Including me.

Despite carrying them each for 9 months, all three of my children look like they dropped from my husband’s rear end. Please have zero hesitation about the fact that they act just like him too. But that doesn’t stop them from absorbing my actions and habits. If you want to raise good kids it’s simple, really.. Be a good human and keep them surrounded by decent company. I am absolutely not saying it will be easy but setting a good example and instilling God’s word into their lives is sure to help.

Train up a child in the way he shall go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.

Proverbs 22:6 NKJ

We have to keep in mind that we weren’t chosen as parents to just ‘keep them alive’. (Though some days that’s all I feel I can accomplish.) We are raising reflections of ourselves. That means we, the parents, have to do our best to be good humans in every situation we are faced with. Sure, there will be times we fail. But there will also be numerous times we succeed. Be the person you want your kid to be in both.

I am not just raising my kids. I am raising a future wife, husbands, aunt, uncles, and co-workers. Keeping this in mind when nurturing my own relationships can be tough but I strive to treat my husband the way I want my daughter to treat her husband one day and what I want my boys to seek in a wife. I am not perfect and fall short but my children seeing me fail is just as important as them seeing me succeed. They will face both their selves so it’s important we show them how we cope with both. Parents are the biggest impact in a child’s life and can easily corrupt them without even realizing it. What we allow and expect in our own home will set the bar for their future.

My biggest tip for raising good kids is to be the best version of yourself, not just for you but for them too. Your child(ren) see and hear how you react to every situation. They see the way you react to both success and failure. They will reflect your behavior and choices in their own self development.

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