How to Be The Perfect Mom

mother and child baking

Ha! You thought you were coming here for a list of steps to take to become the perfect mom, didn’t you?? I know, I’m sorry. I really shouldn’t try to start new friendships with tricks like that but bare with me.. I think you might find a treat here nonetheless!

The truth is… You ARE the perfect mom. You’re the perfect mom for your kids.

What your kids and what Sally’s kids next door need, are more than likely totally different. Yeah, sure they need a roof over their head, clothes on their back, & food in their stomach but I’m talking about the other ‘stuff’ we get thrown into with motherhood.

Catching up with my sister the other day really made me realize that every mom ‘moms’ in their own way. It’s obvious that God created us with our own talents and in turn these talents are showcased in the way we raise and bond with our kids.

My sister for example, (hopefully she doesn’t freak out on me for pulling her into this the way she did when she would catch me sneaking clothes from her closet back in the 2000s) has attributes she is able to provide in her motherhood that I just don’t possess. Like, baking and cooking.

She has the patience and knowledge to bake cookies or a cake from scratch with her kids. Me on the other hand, I can cook just well enough to keep us from starving. That crockpot is the real MVP. Instead of breaking out the mixer for some cookies that will taste like cardboard, I opt to take my children somewhere to grab their favorite ice cream or cookies. This doesn’t make me a bad mom or make her a better mom. It just means that we approach bonding differently. In the end of both scenarios, child(ren) and mom bond and there is ample opportunity for memories and sugar rushes to be had.

Give yourself some grace.

Being the mom is hard and we face enough criticism that we shouldn’t be degrading ourselves. Instead, we should be our own biggest fan. Besides the 3 year old you just gave a king size candy bar to that now thinks you hung the moon.

Mama, if your cup is empty, what will you fill theirs with?

It’s easy to get caught up in the highlight reels of social media when those typically aren’t reality. Nice play there, by the way – reel, real. I’ve always thought that was a bit ironic.

Any who, I know I’m not alone when I say that I have gotten caught up in comparing my lifestyle or parenting style with those on the internet, strangers or not. I can guarantee that if you continue to compare yourself to other moms you will never truly be happy.

Perfect mom

Picture This –

Sally has a plant and you have a plant.
You continue to sit back and watch Sally water her plant as it thrives.
What happens to yours – It dies.
You were so caught up in watching Sally water, nurture, and trim her plant that yours is being neglected.

The same thing happens with our lives. If you’re too busy comparing your life or parenting skills with someone else’s, you are wasting a ton of energy that could be focused on how you can nurture your kids in your own way.

So stop looking for some words on the internet to teach you how to be the perfect mom when you are indeed, doing the best job you can and that’s all they really need.
Well.. that, a little love, & some sugar of course!

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