15 Realistic Date Night Ideas for Staying In

date night ideas

As a mom and dad, it gets tough to accomplish a consistent date night. But honestly, it should be at the top of your priority list. It’s so easy to put other things first but your relationship is the foundation of your home. It should be nurtured and strengthened at every opportunity. If you’re like us and have a hard time finding childcare for the night or just don’t feel like you have the energy to go out- keep it at home! I have compiled a list of date night ideas at home for couples and the best part is… you can even do these after the kids go to bed!

A key component for our date nights at home is a good baby monitor like this one. Do not ever feel embarrassed or like your night ‘failed’ if the kids wind up interrupting. They get to witness that mom and dad love one another and what it means to cherish your SO.

  • Have a picnic
    You can have a backyard picnic, in the kitchen, or even in bed!
  • Watch a movie
    This one is pretty basic and can be boring so be mindful of your movie pick. I recommend Fireproof. It helps you connect and sure to keep everyone awake!
  • Play some board or card games
    For my husband’s birthday last year, I planned a game night for the two of us that consisted of Clue, battleship, pizza, wings, & beer. If you are wondering how it turned out for us.. we welcomed our precious baby girl into the world 9 months later.😂
  • Do some crafts together
    Paint, color, or do a puzzle! Things might get a little messy but you’re sure to have some laughs together.
  • Bake some sweets
    Make some cookies or a cake from scratch together. Only attire needed is a couple of aprons😉
  • Nerf Gun Fight
    We can’t be the only parents that are drowning in nerf guns and ammo… Leave a Nerf weapon and some ammo at the door with a note for your SO to find upon arrival while you are already in position. This is really just modern day marriage counseling, right??
  • Pitch a tent
    Pitch a tent in the living room or backyard and do some camping. Roast some smores, gaze at the stars, & snuggle by the fire.
  • Massages
    Give each other a massage and let your fingers do the talking!
  • Write each other a letter
    Take 45 min or an hour to write a love letter for each other. Really dig in and think about the things you don’t tell each other every day. You could even break this up into two dates by waiting for the next date night to exchange them!
  • Pool Party
    This one requires a pool or hot tub and is pretty self explanatory. Take it up a notch and go skinny dipping!
  • Play a drinking game
    Pick a Netflix series or favorite TV show you both will enjoy and lay out the rules such as every time the couple kisses, take a drink. (Please drink responsibly.)
  • Draw portraits of each other
    You may not be artists but you are bound to get either an amazing piece of artwork or a barrel of laughs. Either way, you can spice it up by taking a Titanic spin on things like Jack and Rose!
  • Make a bucket list
    Help each other create a bucket list or create one you can do together
  • Design your dream home
    It doesn’t have to be realistic or it can- totally up to you! Draw out the floor plan and discuss what you would do if you had a bottomless bank account.
  • Turn on some tunes and cut a rug
    There’s nothing quite like a little dance party between the two of you in the comfort of your own home.

Whatever you chose, please just make time for a consistent date night. It is so important to stay connected with your SO. Not only does it help you build your own relationship, but it also teaches your children that it is important to make your loved ones a priority.


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