So what is Being Brantley?

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Hi there! I’m Kelsye Brantley! I’m a mom of 3, wife of a blue collar man, & can’t seem to push that entrepreneurial spirit of mine deep enough!

I, like most moms, wear many hats and don’t plan on revealing my hat hair anytime soon. Out of all the hats I have worn in my lifetime, being a mom and wife are my most favorite. I love to share all the things of being Brantley such as recipes that work for busy families, income opportunities, recommendations on the latest products, and just straight momisms! I created this blog to share my passion for the things mentioned in hopes that my entries might be of value to you in the near future.
So I hope you’re ready for a sporadic ride with a new best friend and will come along with me on this journey of Being Brantley!

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