Simple Self Care Ideas for Moms | Moms Matter Too

Simple Self Care Ideas for Moms | Moms Matter Too

Simplicity + Self Care

All too often moms put themselves last. This in turn pushes us into our fight-or-flight mode and that’s not enjoyable for anyone. Moms matter too! The good news is good self care practices can help rejuvenate our bodies and minds. It’s important for you to know yourself and honor your own needs. If you don’t take care of you, you won’t be able to continue to take care of your family. Self care for moms has to be simple to fit into our busy schedules. Simple self care for moms can be fit into your morning routine, before bed, during naps, or even in the car. It doesn’t have to be complicated and I’m sharing my favorite simple self care ideas for moms with you in hopes that you will adapt a desire to put yourself as a priority.

Stick with me to the end and you’ll see a free self care checklist to download!

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This can be a simple planner, bullet journal, or just a regular notebook. You can plan out your week so your days aren’t rushed. (You can download my free planner pages here!) Brain dump all the things and emotions on your mind. And my most favorite – gratitude. I know, sounds silly as part of a self care routine but when I write mine down in my bullet journal I can’t help but feel that it puts a positive spin on my day and just a little refresher when I’m feeling overwhelmed.

Your Body

Self care isn’t just for your mind. It’s important for your beautiful body too. Take a bubble bath. Take the few extra minutes and moisturize. Make time to wash your face. Grab yourself a quality serum. This one is my favorite! (It’s done ah-mazing things for the dark circles under my eyes.) I know it’s way too easy to get lazy and just want to skip over these things especially before bed but if you make yourself push through you’ll feel so much better after doing them. And not to mention, your future self will thank you.

Read or Listen

Have a book handy and read a few pages. Try a book that promotes the lifestyle you’re striving for. If reading isn’t your favorite, then try listening to an audiobook. You can listen as you fold laundry, wash dishes, or commute.


Have you eaten a well balanced meal today? No, I know the kids have – but have you?


I know how hard it is to make sure you’re eating what you’re supposed to when you’re so focused on getting the kids to eat their greens. Grab some multivitamins and make sure you’re getting your greens and reds too! These are my favorite go-to multivitamin.

Stop Scrolling

Stop scrolling and get off social media. You can’t focus on your own life if you’re constantly reading about someone else’s. I love social media but moderation is key. You could be spending that 10 minutes on making yourself a priority.


Coloring is a very productive therapy for many ages. There’s multiple ways to color: mandalas, bible journaling, printed images, heck- grab the kids coloring books and color together. It will occupy your mind and give you a quick ‘reset’ so to speak.


Get some sunshine. Sit outside on the porch and soak up some vitamin D and fresh air.


Have you complimented yourself lately? Make a list of affirmations and tell them to the mirror. A confidence boost is a great start or end to any day.


Yep. I said it. Take a nap with the kids. The dishes and laundry will still be there when you wake up.


Diffuse essential oils like lavender for a relaxing state of mind.

Scripture Writing

Scripture writing is my favorite way to start my day. There are tons of scripture writing challenges floating around that you can use or you can create your own. The idea is to take 10 minutes to copy one or more verses down in your journal, notebook, or wherever your heart desires.

Moms Matter Too

Show up for yourself. Make a self care checklist if you need a reminder. Just don’t allow yourself to reach that burn-out point. And if you do happen to land there just take a step back and re-evaluate your priorities. As you incorporate simple self care practices into your day it will become easier to make it part of your every day routine. Keep in mind that there’s no such thing as a mom who has it all together. You’re doing a great job, Mama. Keep it up.

Self care checklist
Download your free Self Care Checklist here!

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