Self Care for Moms that You Actually Have Time For

self care for moms

Self care for moms has been and continues to be brought up a lot but it never really fit into my schedule until now.
I’m a busy mom of 3, wife, own 3 business that I run from home, & quite often need a quick breather. Self care is usually just the medicine I need to avoid the burnout we are all so familiar with. But how?
My schedule is extremely chaotic and my to-do lists are forever long.
As I am sure you can relate, I always tend to put self care on the back burner especially when I could be doing something for my kids or work.
Over the last 6 years of motherhood, I have discovered some practices of self care for moms that are actually realistic and attainable with a hectic schedule.

What is self care?

According to Oxford Languages, Self Care is “the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health”. To be honest, when I first started hearing how important self care is, I immediately thought of it as a pampering spree and thought ‘I don’t have the time or want to spend that kind of money.’ Don’t be like me. That is NOT what self care is. Though it can certainly be if that’s what works for you.

Which leads me to the next part of our topic. Self care is not black & white. YOU get to decide what self care looks like for yourself. It’s not a one size fits all. The most suggested self care action I could find in my dive into the Chuck Norris of search engines was Yoga or Meditation. While I think these skills are impressive, they’re just not for me. Flexibility & more than 33.3 seconds of quiet just aren’t in my wheelhouse. As the definition we discussed earlier ephasizes ‘one’s own health’ in my opinion, should be determined by you and/or your doctor. So, who else better to decide what improves your health & mood than, well… yourself?

Why is it important?

Self care does NOT have to be ‘earned’. It’s a necessity and don’t you let a single soul try to tell you otherwise. If you are pushing self care to the back burner because you feel you could use the time differently, have too much to do, or are just simply too overwhelmed, you could actually be doing more harm than good. For me, self care is what keeps me from hitting that burnout so hard. It’s almost like it gives me a breath of fresh air and a clean slate to start over. I feel more focused, productive, and overall find that I have a better attitude and that in turn effects my family as a whole.

Imagine an airplane. An airplane is the mother of it’s passengers. If said airplane takes flight and suddenly has an empty fuel tank, what happens to the plane? And it’s passengers? It is essential that the plane has a full fuel tank to do it’s job – get it’s passengers from point A to point B.
Motherhood is the same in a sense. We must have an occupied fuel tank to be the mom our kids deserve. And honestly, we deserve to do that with a full heart AND soul.

Here are 12 simple self care ideas for busy moms that are actually realistic and achievable.

1. Get Dressed – Look Good, Feel Good!

I know, it seems simple and honestly, it is. Instead of grabbing that pair of sweatpants or leggings, and scrunchie- spend an extra 5-10 minutes to choose a cute outfit or try a new hairstyle. By doing this, you are making yourself a priority. And whether you know it in that moment or not, you are also boosting your confidence 😉

2. Start your day with some affirmations

Affirmations are a good way of reminding yourself that you are enough, capable, and important. I do affirmations with my kids every morning on the way to school. What they don’t realize is that I do it for all of us. As we say our affirmations together, I’m saying them for myself too. There have been a few mornings where my boys just aren’t in the best mood and don’t want to do them. I always tell them that it is their choice, but I will still be doing them and they are welcome to change their minds. I would say about 9 times out of 10, they join in by my 2nd affirmation. This is also a grand teaching opportunity of the fact that some days we may be dealing with difficult emotions but we can’t let those emotions define us or our worth.

3. Minimize the mindless screentime

Scrolling Tik Tok and Facebook are often an outlet I use to decompress from a stressful day. However, I have found myself using these outlets to escape my to-do lists and then 10 minutes of scrolling time quickly turns into an hour. Ouch. I am by no means saying that using these platforms to decompress is bad per say. Instead, prioritize that time. Set a timer and allow yourself a true, solid 10 minutes. Then, you have time left for some self care! Another tip I need to work on myself is not reaching for my phone first thing in the morning. I’ll pick it up, see the notifications and then habitually start scrolling. Next thing I know, I’m short time and rushing mine and my kids morning to get to school on time. Turn off your push notifications if you feel the need. Your accounts will still be there when you come back to the app!

4. Journal/Read some scripture

Journaling your thoughts or reading a passage of God’s word never fails to help me reflect on why I am so important and how blessed I am to feel the stresses I feel as a mom. He chose me. The least I can do is show up for Him and myself. If you’re feeling like the hour glass is flipped, your shoulders are aching, or that you can’t catch a break with all the hurdles being thrown your way, try starting a gratitude journal.

5. Nap

Is there anything left unsaid for this one? I know, you have so many more important things to do than nap. So my question for you is, why do you make your child nap? Personally, if my kids don’t nap they get cranky, even more indecisive, and then everything seems to trigger their emotions. Moms can be the same way. Sleep is very important at any age. If you are not getting an appropriate amount of quality sleep at night, catch up whenever you can. Those dishes will still be there when you wake up. Instead of being a half version of yourself, grab those z’s and be your best version.

6. Get crafty

Getting crafty doesn’t mean you have to poses the skills or supplies to produce a Pinterest worthy craft. Grab a coloring book and color. Your kids can even join in too! You’ll be surprised at how therapeutic coloring can be. Spend 10-15 minutes on a puzzle, painting, drawing/doodling, or even making paper airplanes. Getting creative tends to open the mind to other things and distract from stress. When you’re finished this leaves an opportunity for a clear mind better equipped for dealing with stress in a healthy more productive manner.

7. Watch YOUR Show

If your house is anything like mine, you hear “It’s my turn to watch my show” 12,203 times a day. Most days, it’s easier just to let them have the remote. (BTW, I see you Karen. With all due respect, our screentime is as much of your business as is what size my underwear is.) But there are days where I choose ‘my show’. It doesn’t hurt my kids well-being one ounce to tell them no and that they have plenty of toys to play with instead of watching tv. Typically, the episodes are around 30 minutes long and this is a great time frame to kick my feet up, relax, and reset.

8. Move

No, not houses silly. Move your body. Exercise is literally at the VERY bottom of my list of desires. I’m uncoordinated, out of shape, and quite frankly pretty lazy. Being stuck inside does horrible things for my moods and tends to throw me into a claustrophobic depression phase. That’s a thing, right? I love taking 10 minutes out of my day to step outside, take some deep breaths, and maybe even walk up to check the mail vs waiting until I’m in the car and can drive up the hill. See, two birds with one stone! I get moving and have the opportunity to check something off of that never-ending to-do list.

9. Stroll down memory lane

Don’t go too far but taking a stroll down memory lane can be good for the soul. I like to focus on photos of my kids or progression photos. It often reminds me that the things I have today are the things I once prayed to have. Taking a look back can help put how far you’ve come into perspective. This also seems to give me that little serotonin boost to push through my day. It can also trigger a domino effect and lead back to number 4 with gratitude.

10. Facial or Clay Mask

Facials can get expensive and I certainly don’t have any extra time in my day for one. But I do have the means to do one at home which is affordable and I can even continue with my to-do list while it works it’s magic. I prefer clay masks and my kids think it’s hilarious that I look like a ‘mud monster’. I’d be lying if I said I never play the part when they start giggling. Sometimes I can even talk them into doing one too!

11. Unplug

This is my favorite. When the weekend rolls around and I’m feeling the stress I like to put my phone on silent for the day and just soak up my day with the kids and hubby. If you have any prior responsibilities such as a business to run like me, don’t be afraid to schedule your content and just communicate that you will be taking the day to unplug. I promise you will come back refreshed and refocused on Monday.

12. Do it daily

Practice self care daily. It doesn’t even have to be the same thing every single day. Whatever practice or practices you chose, prioritize your time and rejuvenate your soul. Do it in the morning before checking your social media. Not a morning person? No worries, just do it before you crawl into bed. These practice of self care for moms don’t have to take more than 15 minutes to do but can make all the difference in your day.

Most importantly give yourself some grace, Mama. Life is tough and motherhood is an adventure of its own. You are important and if you don’t make yourself a priority, who will?


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