30 Frugal Date Ideas for Busy Schedules

30 Frugal Date Ideas for Busy Schedules

Finding time for date night in a parent’s busy schedule isn’t always easy. Dates are important in all relationships but I feel the ‘just us’ time for parents is desperately crucial and worth investing some time to. I have rounded up 30 frugal date ideas for busy schedules.

Frugal dates for busy schedules

Let’s Date!

  1. Grab some Redbox Movies, snacks, and drinks to stay in for a relaxing night of junk food and cuddles.
  2. Go Star Gazing in the backyard. Grab some pillows, a blanket, and a telescope if you have one and sit back for a romantic night. This can even be done after the kids go to bed if you’re like us and rarely have a babysitter.
  3. Give each other couple Surveys. I know this one sounds weird, but it’s actually one of my favorites. I was reading one of those ‘fill in the blank’ surveys from Facebook to Matt one night and once we finished it he asked me to find some more surveys. Next thing we knew, hours had passed and our sides hurt from laughing so hard. You can find couple surveys on Google and Pinterest with a quick search.
  4. Ice Cream is one of my most favorite treats. Go on an ice cream date! depending on the budget, you can grab ice cream from just about anywhere. Go in at a fast food place or get a little fancy and go to a sit down restaurant and just order off the dessert menu.
  5. If number 4 isn’t your style, stay in and bake something together. It can be cookies or a cake from scratch. Don’t worry about any messes, the kitchen will still be there tomorrow. You can turn up the heat and both just wear aprons to the party too! 😉
  6. Take a walk in the park, to the lake, beach, anywhere really. This is can also be a quick lunch break option as well.
  7. Have a picnic! Pack a picnic and either add it to the end of your walk from above or just keep the picnic solo at the park.
  8. Go on a coffee date. Cute little bistros usually have a little corner booth you can sit at to enjoy your cup of joe and each other’s presence. If coffee isn’t your taste (like my husband) swing into Sonic, grab your favorite drink, and listen to a soundtrack from your dating days or a comedy track.
  9. Laser tag is always a hit!
  10. Mini golf is a pretty popular choice for us. But ladies, monitor the score card if your hubs is like mine!
  11. If I let Matt pick every date, go carts would win every time.
  12. Take a trip to the local zoo.
  13. Dig out the chips and play a game of poker. No chips? No problem. Play with clothes. 😉
  14. Work together on a puzzle. You can frame it too.
  15. Netflix and Chill of course! Pick a new show neither of you have seen and binge all night.
  16. Grab some nicely scented lotion, turrn some soft music on, and trade massages.
  17. Take an hour in separate rooms to write your spouse a love letter. Once you’re both finished writing, read it out loud to them.
  18. Take a trip to the local animal shelter and adopt a furry friend.
  19. Play 20 questions – this can get interesting!
  20. Order Chinese takeout. Make it silly and try to feed each other with chopsticks.
  21. Sneak in a night of chimney cuddles. Have dinner in front of the fire place, make a pallet, and enjoy dessert! Use candles if you don’t have a fire place. But be responsible with fire hazards.
  22. Play your favorite board games together.
  23. Find some open houses to check out. Even if you aren’t in the market, enjoy a free snack. Add some fun and make up a role and fake name for each other.
  24. Go camping in a tent or the car. Don’t forget blankets and snacks!
  25. With $10 each, go thrift shopping and find each other an outfit that they have to wear to your next destination.
  26. Recreate your first date.
  27. Grab some magazines or an internet source and plan your dream vacation. This can be just for fun or maybe you will use the plans one day!
  28. Turn off all the lights and play hide and go seek.
  29. Create a couples bucket list.
  30. Play charades.
Frugal date ideas for busy schedules

Time Spent Together

I hope you have found some new fun ideas to try from my list of 30 frugal date ideas for busy schedules. Just keep in mind that it doesn’t really matter what you do together, the quality time that’s spent together is your main focus. You may find my post on keeping the spark alive helpful as well. Let me know below what your favorite frugal dates are!

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