Hi there! I am so excited you are here! Here’s a little about Being Brantley and what drives my passion for this blog!

Straight forward and simply put, my hopes for this blog is that I can help the Mom who feels overwhelmed take a deep breath and know she’s got this, that the person who thinks they aren’t good enough or pretty enough will soon realize that they are more than enough, and if you have ever thought to yourself ‘I seriously doubt that this has ever happened to anyone else’ – I’m right here sister!

If you’re looking for someone who lives the perfect life, keeps a spotless house, can cook like Gordon Ramsay, and sew like Martha Stewart.. then this probably isn’t the place for you. If you feel that you are in fact that person, good for you! I aspire to be more like you. What you will find here is anything from stories of my life to inspirational writings and everything in between that happens in the life of a southern woman living on the road.

Meet Kelsye! – The Face Behind the Chaos

The face behind Being Brantley

I’m a God fearing, camper living, Bama football lovin, cactus and succulent obsessed, devoted wife, and semi-crunchy mom of two marvelous boys. Life is busy between running two businesses from home, being a full time student online, and keeping the kids and dog alive while making sure we all have clean undies. Oh, and staying sane.. Just a heads up, I have a short attention span and the things I encounter in everyday life will lead this to be a very sporadic blog so buckle up buttercup!

I am invested in my self-worth and try my hardest to stay true to myself and my faith in this ever evolving world. However I will admit, I stay on my phone too much, I have trouble socializing with new people, and let’s face it, Netflix eats up all of our data.

So here’s to funny stories, a roller coaster of feelings and emotions (I am female – we tend to have lots of those), my favorite people and things, recipes, devotions, saving a few pennies, and surviving Motherhood, one day at a time. Thank you for joining in on my journey!

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